Global warming – nothing works – a journey out!

How can we manage to make a needed U-Turn to save our planet?

We can’t believe it! The pace at which earth is going down the tube – 2018 has the highest amount of CO2 emissions ever (one third comes from power generation) – however, we can make a change and head in the right direction at a higher speed than ever. How? Global warming is man-made and together we can end it at will, as soon as we all decide to do so.

Why is the resistance to change the energy provision system so strong?

It is the vast amount of wasted money – meaning a lot of money has been invested in the wrong industry, in fossile fuels instead of renewables. The arguments against renewables are dwindling and it’s finally beginning to see a bright future. The main reason is no longer just ecological but more so economic. Renewables are becoming cheaper every year with marginal costs to nearly zero. Let’s make a difference and invest into the future with PEP.

We are a young company determined to make a change about Earth’s current unstable climate situation – not top down but from the bottom up. Every CO2 emission avoided or replaced by clean energy means a little less global warming. We can’t do this alone, PEP is designed to unite like-minded people and business to diminish global warming – together.

So how does this work?

PEP offers an app to offset (compensate) CO2 emissions which are unavoidable, or people are unwilling to avoid. This even works when you’re on the go. Here’s an example of when someone orders a cappuccino at Starbucks. You might not be aware that a simple cappuccino contains a malus of 150g. of CO2. With PEP, this person can easily offset his visit at Starbucks with a simple click in the PEP app. That’s right! This person can now enjoy a CO2 free cappuccino.

Isn’t it a bit much to pay attention to all these activities?

It doesn’t have to be! To start, we work with a CO2 average value per activity. That is precise enough. It’s about the decision and possibility to just do it – now. Over time, the PEP app has the intelligence to learn from habits of a person and can do this automatically in the background – with your permission of course. This includes automated offsetts of CO2 for shopping, car trips and many more.

Can I afford this?

Yes, everybody can! It is certainly not as expensive as we might expect it to be. The CO2 offset of a visit at Starbucks will only cost less than 5 cents – less than a tip. There are no restrictions to offset small or big things, on the go or as a standing order.

Why is my lifestyle really cleansed from CO2 and what happens with my money?

With the paid amount we buy a CO2-Certificate (EUA) at the emission trade of the EU. This money is bound to be invested in actions to stop global warming in each country (e.g., for subsidies for renewables or for innovations). The certificate gets deleted from an official EU-Office and the action is completed. The more certificates get out of the market the higher the price. This forces the big emitters to be more innovative to avoid CO2 or they have to pay more to compensate their emission. PEP receives a service fee for the platform of 15%, which is included in the offset price.

What other future plans does PEP have?

For the future, we are planning to use our own certificates. They will be created by our own customers when they consume local and clean energy, which was locally produced at the same time as it was locally consumed. With this we decarbonize energy provision by design! Next to the offset of CO2, we will allow direct investments, such as PEP transactions into local new renewable projects. In the final stage, PEP will offer a local Peer-to-Peer trading platform for renewable power. In former pilot projects, such a platform has already been deployed and tested at the beginning of 2015. We are going to develop the platform again but based on modern software, using distributed ledger technology, which will be built on top of our CO2 platform.


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