Multifunctional charging station

Nothing less than the breakthrough for a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure is what the Austrian company Kreisel promises.

It claims to have solved “all challenges at a blow” by using a flexible Plug-and-Play solution with an integrated 75 kWh-storage (usable energy content), which can be fed with up to 55 kW, as the reports.

Either electricity of the grid or the photovoltaic system on the roof can be used. This is said to not only lead to the grid being exonerated or stabilized but all investment risk being reduced considerably.

Thanks to integrated bidirectional storage, the energy consumption would be optimized and with an integrated interface grid service, market participation could be achieved.

The product would enable seven business- and remortgage models, from charging stations to grid services up to emergency power functions and advertising spaces. For private and commercial users this would be the breakthrough for fast charging of electric cars. Once ready for series production, the product would have a big impact explains Kreisel.


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