Over 4000 charging points

Thirty-seven percent of consumers who want to buy a car in the next five years would choose an electric car as their first or second option.

This was shown by a recent study published by the University of St. Gallen (the 8th Customer barometer of renewable Energy). Eighty-seven percent of the 1019 respondents named a lack of charging stations as the main reason not to buy an electric car, though over half of them considerably underestimated the number of charging stations in Switzerland.

In international comparison, Switzerland does indeed have a pretty good charging network already built, as the portal “Die Energie Experten” reports. There are roughly 2,200 public charging stations and in total more than 4,000 charging points, which leads to an average of two points per station.

Since 2011, the number of charging stations have grown considerably. This is mostly because of private investors.

The number of normal charging points (for slow charge) increased from 600 to 3,500 in this period, while the number of fast charging points multiplied by 20, going from 27 in 2013 up to 500 in 2018.

Source: www.energie-experten.ch/de.html

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