The confusions of Climate Change!

I am often shocked when I listen to people on the street talking about Climate Change. It is incredible how many are still very uncritical and sometimes completely uneducated about underlying correlations and truths.

It is the same about the urgency of fighting Climate Change! The house is burning – can you feel the heat?

One example: “Bob, don’t you think that Climate Change will soon change for the better?”, my friend asks me, “No – unfortunately, Climate Change has come to stay for many decades, even if we were to successfully stop the additional emissions caused by humans immediately.” Others are affected by conspiracies like: The Nasa is faking temperature data, which deceives all other scientists – and many other such crazy theories are around.

Sixty-eight years ago, my mother could hardly manage to get to the hospital in time for the birth of my sister because the taxi driver had to attach chains to the wheels to drive through the snow. Now, on the same day I sit with my T-shirt in the sun at 15° Celsius (59° Fahrenheit) and so far there was no snow at all this winter! These are hard facts, and climate change has hit the population all over the world, as scientists predicted decades ago.

We are much further ahead than we would like to be, and the consequences will be much more severe than we ever thought.

Why is our system so easy to be out of balance, as the humanmade part of CO2 is only 3% of all CO2 on earth today? With the industrial age, we have brought a very balanced system of the global temperature out of balance through CO2 emissions above average. The reaction of the earth is comparable with the human body and fever.

Human Temperature System:
Healing possible within hours

  1. 36 – 38 °C (96.8-100.4 °F) Normal to high temperature
  2. 39 – 40 °C (102.2-104 °F) Fever
  3. 41 – 42 °C (105.8-107.6 °F) High Fever
  4. > 42 °C (>107.6 °F) Death

Earthly Temperature System:
Healing possible within 100 years

  1. + 1-2 °C (+ 1.8-3.6 °F) Survivable but severe damage
  2. + 3-4 °C (+ 5.4-7.2 °F) Catastrophic, irreversible damage
  3. + 5-6 °C (+ 9-10.8 °F) Enormous amount of mass extinctions
  4. >+6 °C (> + 10.8 °F) > 60% of the world is dead and uninhabitable1

Maliciousness versus truth

The illiterate, ignorant, and sleeping citizens have to be taught and awakened to fight climate change. But what about those knowing it all for decades, but are maliciously and intentionally blocking the urgent changes needed. They prevent the house from being saved and pour more oil on the fire since a long time. It is only all about earning more money from the fossil industry. That’s leaving humankind deceived and robbed, and continues to rob them of a healthy future.

According to Forbes, in an article called “Oil And Gas Giants Spend Millions Lobbying To Block Climate Change Policies”2 from last March, the five biggest publicly owned oil and gas companies are spending 200 million $ yearly to block and deceive us. According to the new book of Jeremy Rifkin, the fossil industry is sitting on a 100 trillion stranded assets which will blow up in 2028! It is unavoidable and might even be earlier the case.

Even actual misinformation about the raging Australian wildfire is in the news today, trying to deceive the public pretending that climate change is not the primary source for it – unbelievable. But as this is just the beginning, also todays prime ministers will soon admit: the cause is Climate Change!

It is even more disastrous if you take into account that the same industry gets $5.3 trillion yearly in subsidies3 (many times more subsidies than for the renewables), according to the study of IMF (International Monitory Found)!

What if $5,3 trillion yearly investment takes place in renewables! We could quickly solve all of our energy and CO2 problems within a decade!

Action is needed – now.

A bad experience was the first shutdown of our oldest nuclear power plant in Switzerland, which produced 5% of our overall power. Although the shutdown was a fact for many years, the owner never started to build the missing capacity with renewable energy in Switzerland. This industry isn’t committed to change. All over the world, the incumbent industries stick by large to their old habits, which is energy production mainly from coal and gas.

In previous decades, we already had to deal with massive pollution problems on a national level such as polluted rivers, lakes and so on, which are clean today and the problem is solved. But with Climate Change, we have to solve a global and giant problem. This is the first time in the history of humankind. The master plan to turn the old fossil energy industry (incl. nuclear for safety and commercial reasons) to a new renewable is clear, to give humans and also all animals a reasonable future.

The masterplan to succeed is very clear.

  • Ban coal for electricity within the next ten years
  • Get rid of gas and oil for heating and mobility within 15 years
  • Switch all energy production to truly renewable electricity only
  • Raise the CO2 emissions which are managed under an ETS (emission trading system) from 5% to 80% of global man-made CO2 within the next 10 years, so that CO2 gets a higher price and the desired market effects occur

That is a simple masterplan of how to get rid of most of the CO2 emissions in time to survive. It will be a joint effort of public, private partnerships to achieve that in time. We start with PEP as a private initiative to accelerate the process with our combined impact investment and CO2 industry certificate offset approach.

Join us on our journey at PEP: 

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PEP: People. Energize. Power

1 Evaluation by PEP
2 (15.1.20)
3 (15.1.20)




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