The LED case – an underused solution to climate change?

I’ve just bought new Bluetooth headphones and am amazed by the seamlessness and comfort they bring.

As far as I remember, I’ve bought my first wireless version of headphones to have my hands free for driving while making phone calls, and that was over ten years ago. But I threw them away very quickly, as they did not work correctly. But now the technology has evolved into a part of our everyday lifes. To fight against global warming successfully has a lot to do with game-changing innovations.  Several notable start-ups in cleantech are just before the market-entry (like Agile Wind Power, Energy Vault, ClimateWorks) and of course, PEP – our app to offset CO2-emissions in everyday life situations.

World changing Technology – LED

Another technology is changing the world just now – LED. It doesn’t sound very spectacular as it is a process that took off in 2015 already, but LED-Lights are reducing energy use and raising the lifetime span exponentially. It is replacing all former bulb technologies. LEDs are reducing  CO2 emissions by a great deal too. Alone in the US, a consequent shift to LED would lead to savings of 800 million metric tons of CO2 a year, equivalent to 684 coal-fired power plants or the total emissions of Switzerland for sixteen years. The worldwide LED-Market is expected to grow to $ 100 Billion until 2024!

LED-experience – when money lays on the street – just pick it up!

When I drove for lunch the other day to an Italian restaurant called “La Fontana,” the host (chef Martin, the man on the thumbnail) invited me to plug in my car to his Tesla charging station. He lets all e-vehicle drivers who are eating at his restaurant charge for free. The idea was born two years ago when he finished his project to switch all light bulbs to LEDs.

The total investment was less than $ 2’000. In the first year with LED, he had energy savings of $ 1’700, and this now consecutive year by year! That was the reason for him to install two Tesla charging stations. He shares part of the savings with customers, that are driving an e-vehicle. What a story! I’ve told him that I just started to write a blog about LED several hours ago – coincidence? I don’t think so.

He saves a lot of money and CO2 too with his move to 100% LED!

LED is a huge success and will remain

Next to the economic and ecologic values of LED, there are many other advantages. LED can be controlled very easily via an app to switch it on or off or to change colors. It allows any fancy kind of electronic gimmick. Another compelling point is the possibility to be integrated into the most extraordinary types of designs of things or interiors very quickly and without heating up as old bulbs do.

LED and renewables have several things in common. They are economically and ecologically the best solutions, help reduce CO2 emissions and therefore fight global warming – a real climate success! Technologies have to be financially sound that a majority of society accepts them and so they turn out to be sustainable. That’s what LED is.

The future is bright, pun intended, and around another 40% of the existing market is still waiting to switch to LED.

So let’s check our lights in the office or at home and change them to LED to save money and reduce CO2 right from the start — one small step with a significant impact on our future.

I’m an innovator, and many times I bought new technologies as one of the first. For example, I’ve been driving an electric car for over a year now. And, in general, I would say we are still a couple of years away for them to be mainstream cars. They need further developments like inductive and faster charging, extended usage of the car batteries for example to charge devices in a household, etc.. Even if they’re not mainstream compatible yet, I am so convinced about the overall concept of electric vehicles that I never would want to go back to a lousy fuel car ever.

While electric cars still need development, the LED technology is at a point where it can definitely more than replace conventional bulbs. With that being said:

Go for 100% LED now!

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p.s.: Here are the interesting projects in the renewable which are short before the marketentry (some examples from Switzerland:,,, …).

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