The Economy of the PEP relationship

In this unique, new market model, PEP-Clients are always in the center of all services.

We designed a closed loop between the production of local and clean energy, bought by the PEP-Client to lower CO2 emissions through an offset, up to the acceleration of the energy transition.

The PEP-Client buys from the producer kWh’s (A). They are rewarded with a PEP-Credits (B) for each kWh consumed at the same time as it is produced.

They can sell the PEP-Credit (C) on the market via the PEP-Hub and get a kickback for each Credit-sale. Anybody (also the PEP-Client who generated the credit) can buy  PEP-Credits at the Hub, to do an offset (D) in everyday situations (drinking a cup of coffee, traveling, etc.) on the go or via an automated process for repeating events (commuting, dining, etc).

All credits sold above our basic price, which we of course recommend, put a second force to work, the acceleration of the energy transition (E), because the additional money gets transferred to the NGO-PEP-Foundation. The task of the foundation is to accelerate the energy transition (F) while investing with the gathered money in such local projects (often together with locals).

As a result we are not only lowering CO2-emissions but accelerating the energy transition at the same time.

The Track Record

Peer-Energy AG started shaping the path to energy transition in Switzerland in early 2015 with a successful prototype of Peer-to-Peer solar energy community with four producers and four consumers, steadily expanding up to 16. In 2017, a major P2P pilot project implementing hardware and software solutions based on IoT was launched in the region of Bale. In addition to the successful proof of concept, the pilot project received serious public awareness and built the first local P2P community in the country.

In June 2020 PEP received the Solarimpulse Efficient Solutions Label by the Bertrand Piccard foundation. Click on the logo for more information!


Peer to Pool

Prototype "Change38" in Gachnang (CH) CHF 30,000 granted by Caton of Thurgau


Peer to Peer

Pilot Project "Change 38" in Basel (CH) CHF 350,000 granted by Swiss Federal Office of Energy


Peer to Peer

The team pursues the future with the P2P approach based on blockchain technology


Peer-Energy AG turns around Climate Change with a unique CO2 reduction reward system, on a global scale.

For “Impact-Investors”

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement many global forums are focusing on the acceleration of the energy transition.

Considering that two-thirds of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions originate from the energy sector, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in late 2018 called for immediate transformation of the world’s energy system with massive uptake of renewables and steadily increasing energy efficiency. However, to really be impactful, this energy transition requires a global approach, engaging all levels of society – from communities, regions and governments to stakeholders from the public and private sectors. That’s the reason of the engagement of PEP as a private initiative and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we make a change towards a cleaner world once again.

PEP is a carefully designed all-in-one toolkit for everyone, who wants to participate in the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and meet the below 2°C goal.

PEP put distributed energy resource (DER) stakeholders and citizens at the heart of a paradigm shift. Our Exchange Hub allows them to become more than simply passive power consumers.

PEP App is based on a human-centred approach, focusing on the customer experience and helping save time and efforts, providing easy access to clean energy, different offset models, guidance and community support.

PEP App naturally raises awareness and understanding of the potential of DER solutions, not only for direct users but also for society as a whole.

We are looking for Impact investors to help us push into production. Interested to continue the conversation?

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