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Global warming – nothing works – a journey out!

How can we manage to make a needed U-Turn to save our planet?


Over 4000 charging points

Thirty-seven percent of consumers who want to buy a car in the next five years would choose an electric car as their first or second option.


A new way to store energy

The storage of wind and solar energy for times of a lull is an expensive undertaking so far.

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Better energy gain of solar cells

Researchers of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) have found a way to increase the efficiency border of their silicon solar cells.


Control current by electric cars

The stabilization of the energy grid counts as one of the big promises of electromobility.


Less CO2, more electricity

The result of a one-week experiment in Anwil, a small village in Basel, Switzerland is astonishing: 3.8 tons less CO2 and 8.5 percent higher electricity usage.


Multifunctional charging station

Nothing less than the breakthrough for a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure is what the Austrian company Kreisel promises.