PEP is building a revolutionary, community driven ecosystem which will put carbon offsetting and control of local energy trading in the hands of the end users.

The PEP network enables community members to offset their lifestyles easily on an automatic or ad-hoc basis, and trade in clean local energy with other members, shifting from energy savings more to carbon savings, moving their communities toward carbon neutrality.

The Problem

Climate crisis is upon us. Governments and energy industries aren’t doing enough to protect our planet.

People aren’t adapting fast enough to actively fight global warming due to lack of opportunities to change their lifestyle. Added value on the current energy consumption system is not in sight and this slows down energy transition substantially.

Our Solution

The future of CO2 offsetting is based on a community-oriented peer to peer ecosystem, trading local energy on a distributed ledger.

We at PEP are proud to pioneer a new mechanism for offsetting CO2. It’s based on real avoidance of the production of CO2, monitored by a sound technical solution (distributed ledger), creating CO2 Credits by consumption of local clean energy with fixed and immutable offset values attached.

These credits, enriched by CO2 Certificates, can be further used to offset everyday unavoidable CO2 use.

PEP members are free to decide how to manage their CO2 Credits – either offset their own emissions, offer them to third parties or even use them as a clever gift.

The demand for CO2 Credits will drive the demand for local clean energy and therefore the expansion of renewable energy system (RES).

PEP Community drives the energy transition.

PEP’s goal

By 2025, Peer-Energy AG has acquired more than 10 million platform users, organized in over 10,000 local energy communities in over 100 countries.

All of whom are committed to offset their carbon footprint and strive to one day celebrate a local “Power Supply Independence Day”.

PEP People

Take the future of the planet in your hands.
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