Offset your everyday environmental impact. Move you and your community toward peer to peer renewable energy.
Adopt a greener lifestyle with PEP

PEP brings value to consumers of local green energy by rewarding them with PEP-Credits for sustainable behaviour, creating carbon offset credits, making it easily tradable, measurable, and people driven.

The system is based on a peer to peer network for the trade of local energy. PEP brings together local energy consumption and the creation of CO2 credits for offsetting. Starting with large brands right down to small end-consumers.

The PEP App empowers members with all the necessary tools to fight global warming at their own speed and in their own way. Through the use of our tradable offset credits, the PEP System allows everyone to offset small everyday activities such as shopping, leisure or commuting on the go. The rising demand of CO2 Credits fosters the local energy transition in a new way and at a high speed.

Everyone can be the change. – PEP –

Take the future of the planet in your hands. Join us.

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AlgoTrader and Peer-Energy Develop Carbon-Compensated Crypto Trading

AlgoTrader and Peer-Energy develop the Green Bitcoin Wallet, a retail product for banks seeking to offer carbon-compensated crypto trading to their clients. The joint project succeeded at Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank’s (BLKB) accelerator program.


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CO2 certificates – not worth a penny?

CO2 certificates are an important part of the PEP project, that's why you'll find everything you'll need to know about them in this blog.

Offset your carbon footprint and connect with energy producers via the PEP app.

Offset your carbon footprint and connect with energy producers via the PEP app.

Manage your peer to peer energy providers

Easily offset your impact on the environment

Connect with other users in your community

Keep up to date with the environmental news and events

Auto track and monitor your footprint

Robert Buehler was a successful economic computer science consultant with his own consulting boutique. He believed in a better, healthier world and wanted to become part of the solution.

That’s why 10-years-ago he changed his career and threw himself into studying global warming and designing a way for individuals to take charge in the fight against it.

Robert’s PEP ecosystem empowers individuals to adapt to a greener lifestyle with ease. It allows to build local communities to manage their energy consumption and where that energy comes from together. He also owns his own PV-power production on his rooftop and charges his own e-vehicle with great pleasure, affirming his commitment to the clean energy cause. With PEP and the team, he is going to change the way we trade energy on a local setting worldwide and forever.

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